Relationships Make The Difference

Last week marked a full calendar year since the pandemic shutdown. Through the previous 12 months we’ve seen businesses close, some reopen, remote work take hold, and a “new” virtual school structure for kids of all ages. A largely unseen consequence, however, has been the isolation of the senior population. Nursing homes have been unable to accept visitors, grandparents are unable to see their grandchildren, and for those in public housing, their community programs which provide tremendous social, emotional, and spiritual support have been cancelled.

Due to the pandemic, Saint Saviour’s Center was also required to cease the Senior Healthy Living programs to help combat the spread of Covid-19. From March 2020 thru January 2021, senior residents in Raleigh Housing Authority’s Glenwood Towers and Carriage House were unable to participate in traditional programs hosted by our volunteers and staff. We have missed them very much and eagerly await when we’re able to host a traditional program that allows us to congregate together, in person.

However, as the Covid vaccine is distributed more widely, we are determined to ensure the residents in Glenwood Towers and Carriage House are engaged so as to fully support those in need, and to serve as a reminder that we look forward to when we can be together.

In February, Raleigh Housing Authority was able to secure a vaccine distribution program for the residents of Glenwood Towers. Through our partnership with RHA, Saint Saviour’s Center was able to assist in administering the vaccine to all residents who were interested. In total, over 75 vaccines were given. On March 12th, Saint Saviour’s Center returned to help administer the second doses and although we were unable to interact with our community through our tradition programs, we were grateful for an opportunity to reconnect and contribute to the safety and wellbeing of such a vulnerable population.

Along with vaccine support, Saint Saviour’s Center sought out an existing partner to help deliver food items to every resident within the Glenwood Towers and Carriage House apartments. Together with Wake Relief, Saint Saviour’s Center is helping distribute a food pantry bag to each resident, totaling over 400 bags. On March 11th, Saint Saviour’s delivered the first 150 bags, with the remaining bags being distributed over the coming weeks. All residents will receive their pantry bag by March 31st!

Each bag was provided in partnership by Wake Relief and include canned goods, grains, milk, pasta, and home-good products. During a time when food insecurity has grown rapidly, particularly among low income families and seniors, we want to thank Wake Relief for our renewed partnership and the help to achieve our goals of meaningfully re-engaging with our senior community.

Our relationships are key to achieving our goals. We would be unable to provide such support without our relationship with RHA, Wake Relief, or you, our donor community. We ask for you to continue your partnership with Saint Saviour’s Center. Consider donating today to help create additional programs for our seniors, or to expand our diaper distributions to low-income families in Wake County through The Diaper Train. Together, we can provide programs and services that help foster meaningful relationships within our community.