Caring for Children from Top to Bottom

Babies love books, and Diaper Train babies are no exception!  One of the most exciting aspects of this ministry is the distribution of books to children in diapers and their siblings.  Promoting early literacy and keeping babies dry and comfortable are important goals.  Since we serve 1,000 children per month, we give out tons of books and are always in need of a steady supply.

So, where do all these books come from?

Meet Nelson Marshall.  Nelson, the 5-year old son of Clair, one of our volunteers, made the generous decision to give the baby board books that he’s outgrown to the children who come into The Diaper Train.  He excitedly set up the book table and watched with a happy smile as the parents and children made their selections.  Thanks for sharing your books – and your smile – with The Diaper Train, Nelson!

Last year, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Raleigh gave The Diaper Train a grant to purchase Spanish language and multi-cultural books for our Spanish-speaking families.

Along with private donations like Nelson’s and Holy Trinity’s,  The Diaper Train also receives a steady book supply from Project Enlightenment,  an early intervention program serving Wake County’s young children by promoting school success.  Thanks to their generosity,  The Diaper Train can count on continuing to promote early literacy,  one book at a time!

Have your children outgrown any books?  Please consider donating them to The Diaper Train!

Would you like to contribute toward our book purchases?  Please visit our donation page.