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Relationships Make The Difference

Last week marked a full calendar year since the pandemic shutdown. Through the previous 12 months we’ve seen businesses close, some reopen, remote work take hold, and a “new” virtual school structure for kids of all ages. A largely unseen consequence, however, has been the isolation of the senior population. Nursing homes have been unable …

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Climb aboard The Diaper Train!

The need is great; the moment is now! Climb aboard The Diaper Train! On Tuesday and Thursday mornings throughout the year, moms and their little ones (and occasionally dads and grandparents) form a line outside the bright red basement doors of Saint Savior’s Center in downtown Raleigh, awaiting entry to The Diaper Train, where they’ll …

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The Power of Story: Spotlight on the Clients

Their story, yours and mine – it’s what we all carry with us on this trip we take, and we owe it to each other to respect our stories and learn from them. -William Carlos Williams- Stories. They entice our imaginations, evoke our emotions, and erase our assumptions. They impact us, inform us, and inspire …

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Caring for Children from Top to Bottom

Babies love books, and Diaper Train babies are no exception!  One of the most exciting aspects of this ministry is the distribution of books to children in diapers and their siblings.  Promoting early literacy and keeping babies dry and comfortable are important goals.  Since we serve 1,000 children per month, we give out tons of books and are always …

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Volunteering Matters

We have two hands.  The first one is to help ourselves; the second one is to help others. ~ Proverb One of my favorite things about volunteering is meeting folks of all ages who have a passion to make life better for others. Delores, one of our faithful adult volunteers, recently introduced us to her …

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A Grateful “Graduate” Gives Back

When Jennetta McDonald walked through the red double doors of The Diaper Train today with a smile as big and bright as the morning sun, we knew we were in for a treat.  At one time a client receiving diapers for her grandson and godchild,  Jennetta is now a volunteer distributing diapers to others who are where …

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Shout-Out to The NDBN

Alone we can do so little.  Together we can do so much. Helen Keller   Seventeenth century English poet John Donne penned this eternal truth: “No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.”  In other words, no one is truly self-sufficient; we rely on others in countless ways.  The …

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Diapers are a “hot” commodity, even in the summer

It’s hot.  It’s humid.  It’s SUMMERTIME in Raleigh!  When the temps begin to soar like they have the past couple of weeks, it’s difficult to muster the energy to leave the house.  Instead, we enjoy moving at a slower pace, slipping away to the mountains or the beach, and keeping cool – in any way we can …

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Gearing Up for Diaper Need Awareness Week

In anticipation of Diaper Need Awareness Week (Sept. 28 – Oct. 4, 2015), The National Diaper Bank Network posted this important story about how diaper need and maternal depression go hand in hand: ************************************************************************** Depression and Diapers: Something We Can Change By: Mary SauerAug. 17, 2015 I can quickly list off over 10 mothers in my own …

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Be the Change: Diaper Need Awareness Week 2015

Over the past month, there have been some eye-catching things happening in our country politically (as potential candidates jockey for position for a 2016 Presidential run), economically (a girl could suffer from motion sickness trying to follow the ups and downs of our volatile stock market!), and even religiously (with Pope Francis’ recent arrival on U.S. soil). On any given day, it’s easy …

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