Our Mission

Saint Saviour's Center is a community outreach ministry that addresses largely unmet needs of low-income residents of Raleigh and Wake County by easing burdens such as aging, poverty, hunger and homelessness.

Our Vision

Saint Saviour's Center is a vibrant place in the Glenwood South community of downtown Raleigh that is:

  • Known for working with local non-profit agencies to address needs of low-income families
  • Bustling with people who come for programs and services
  • Joyfully supported by individuals, congregations and businesses as a charity that makes a difference in people’s lives.

Historical Background

Saint Saviour's Center traces its roots to 1894 when Christ Episcopal Church established Saint Saviour's Mission at the corner of Johnson and West Streets in Raleigh.  The mission served as a church and school for families in the mill area of town. 

By the mid-1920s, the mission had grown and was in need of a larger building.  Through the generosity of Christ Church parishioners, two stone buildings were constructed on a block of land bounded by Glenwood, Johnson, Boylan and Tucker streets.  The main building, named after parishioner Edgar Haywood, housed a chapel and classrooms.  The other building served as a rectory.  The mission was renamed Saint Saviour's Episcopal Church, and the congregation met in this location until 1940 when it moved to Six Forks Road and became St. Timothy's Episcopal Church.

In 1937 Christ Church founded Ravenscroft School at the Edgar Haywood Building.  Ravenscroft eventually became an independent private school and moved to its current location in north Raleigh. 

In 1970 Raleigh Housing Authority (RHA) purchased the property and set up offices in the buildings. 

By 2002 RHA moved its offices to another location, and the buildings became available.  At the same time, Christ Church was looking for a place to expand its outreach.  The church, in partnership with RHA, established a community outreach center and began offering assistance programs for area residents.  They named the new organization Saint Saviour's Center in honor of the mission that inspired the buildings. 

Today the center houses charitable programs that serve low-income residents of Raleigh and Wake County.  It is part of a network of outreach programs, with direct connections to more than 20 non-profit organizations collectively reaching thousands of people each year.

Saint Saviour's Center
At the corner of Tucker St. and Boylan Ave. in Glenwood South